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  What sets Nicholson Insurance Agency apart from other insurance agencies that offer equine Insurance? Nicholson Insurance Agency represents only “A” rated companies and carriers allows us to obtain the best coverage at the most competitive rates and to design an insurance plan that best suits your individual needs. We also offer general farm owners insurance quotes to offer broader protection. What are my options in terms of equine insurance policies?             

    • This policy provides coverage against death caused directly or indirectly by an accident, illness, or disease
    • Policies are written on an annual basis and the rate for this coverage is determined by the breed, age, use, sex and value of the individual horse
  • A horse must be deemed sound and healthy for its intended use at the time of the policy’s inception; if it is, it qualifies for equine mortality insurance.

Air Transit/Extended Territorial Limits

    • Mortality coverage may be extended to include international transportation to and from other approved countries with prior notification
  • A deductible option may be preferable for owners of large schedules of horses (usually 20 or more), for a lower premium of equine insurance in Lexington Ky.

Major Medical

    • This coverage can be endorsed to a mortality policy and reimburses reasonable and customary non-surgical therapeutic veterinary treatments due to an accident, illness or disease, as well as non-elective surgical procedures
    • Pre-existing conditions, elective surgery, alternative treatments, regular maintenance, joint injections or corrective shoeing are not covered
    • This endorsement is dependent on the animal’s medical history.  Limits are available from $5,000 to $15,000 and have an applicable deductible per occurrence
    • This coverage is only available for show and sport horses, weanlings and breeding stock  
    • Coverage is subject to all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy
    • Horses 90 days to 20 years of age are eligible for this coverage
  • Racehorses are excluded from this coverage

Emergency Surgical

  • This coverage can be endorsed to a mortality policy and reimburses reasonable and customary cost of veterinarian fees associated with emergency operations, post-operative costs and third party emergency transportation needed to save the life of the animal in regard to mortality insurance for equines.
    • Policy limit is available for $5,000
  • Horses 6 months to 18 years of age are eligible for this coverage

Stallion Infertility for Accident Sickness and Disease

    • This coverage can be endorsed to a mortality policy
  • Will protect a stallion or stallion prospect against any accident, sickness or disease incurred during the policy term, which could cause permanent infertility, impotence or the inability to cover a mare

Loss of Use

    • This coverage can be endorsed to a mortality policy and reimburses a portion of the animal’s value, in the event your horse sustains an accident, illness, or lameness, which renders the horse totally and permanently disabled, but does not require destruction for humane reasons
    • This coverage may only be selected in addition to Major Medical
  • Coverage is dependent on the animal’s medical history

Loss of Income

    • This coverage can be endorsed to a mortality policy
    • It is designed to insure the stud fee income of a stallion that is shuttling to and from the Southern Hemisphere
    • The policy would respond should the stallion be unable to pass import or export regulations/customs/quarantine
  • Policy limits are based on the stallion’s stud fee income

Restricted and Optional Perils

    • Restricted Perils coverage protects against death caused by fire, lightning, or transportation
    • Depending on the company chosen, additional Specified Perils can be added. These include explosions, windstorms, earthquakes, floods, accidental drowning, accidental electrocution, attack by wild dogs, or building collapse
  • Theft coverage is available for an additional premium

Fall of Hammer

    • When purchasing a horse at public auction or claiming a horse off the racetrack, a phone call to our office is all that is necessary to arrange Fall-of-the-Hammer or automatic claiming coverage for equine insurance in Lexington Ky.
  • Some policies in force may already include an automatic additions coverage, which requires notification to our office within a specified time period after purchase

Barrenness/Stallion Availability/Prospective Foal

    • Barrenness coverage insures that a mare will be pronounced in foal.  To save money, many breeders opt to purchase a “No Guarantee” stallion nomination rather than a “Live Foal Guarantee” season
    • The mare owner is at risk of losing the total value of the season unless a Barrenness/Prospective Foal policy is obtained. This coverage ensures that the mare conceives and carries the foal full term to a pre-determined length of time after birth, (i.e. 24 hours, 7 to 45 days, or 1 year)
    • Stallion Availability coverage insures against the intended stallion becoming unavailable to service the mare due to accident, sickness, disease, or death, per the terms and conditions of the policy
  • Prospective Foal policies may be obtained separately from a Barrenness policy effective 42 days or later, after conception, to ensure the birth of a single live foal. For less premium expense, this coverage is often obtained when buying a mare from public auction

Stallion First Year Congenital Infertility

    • This coverage ensures a newly retired stallion is able to impregnate a certain percentage of approved mares bred the first year at stud. The percentage used is usually 60% of the mares that fit into certain age and reproductive guidelines
  • This policy can be manuscripted to coincide with the stallion syndicate agreement requirements.