Looking for Insurance for your Farm?

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A farm or ranch is not just a business operation; it is also one’s home. The farm owners policy is an ideal insurance product that serves the purposes well.

What does the farm owners insurance policy cover?

    • Property coverage for farm dwellings, structures, barns, equipment and supplies  
    • Liability coverage, which protects the farm owner against property damage or bodily injury for which the farm owner is legally liable to pay  
  • Coverage for legal fees to defend such lawsuits

What is a scenario in which a liability would require an insurance coverage payout?

An example of liability frequently used is the situation in which a horse gets loose on a highway causing an auto accident, resulting in bodily injury and property damage.

What are the different types of farmers insurance that you offer?

    • Farm Personal Property coverage for equipment, machinery, and supplies is the most frequently purchased policy
    • We offer a range of options within this policy, including your choice whether to be insured on a scheduled or a blanket basis
  • Other optional coverages are available to customize the policy for specific needs